"Pixel Memories" can be regarded as a nostalgia-induced video art sequence using a 2D machinima motif. Recollections transformed into story that break loose from the preconceived flow of the game, featuring some of the first pixel characters that jumped straight out of the 80s (JetPac, Mario, Manic Miner etc) all coming from various arcade machines and consoles that governed the 8-bit video and audio era, such as the ZX Spectrum, famous for its rubber keyboard, commodore 64 etc.
Pixel memories
Video Art
Dur: 02:39"

Pixel in the rain
Video Art
Dur: 02:44"

"Pixel:ah", "Pixel:why?" and "Pixel:ID" it's an attempt to transform the motionless and soulless Pixel into an emotionally-involved and vulnerable entity in relation to itself and its society.
Through this minimalistic pixel art attempt, the rules of movement are strictly obeyed while the emotions remain.

Video Art
Dur: 00:50"

Video Art
Dur: 00:41"

Video Art
Dur: 01:23"

As usual
Video Art
Dur: 00:50"

TITLE: 3D Pixel
Installation / Video Art

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Martha Koumarianou studied multimedia/programming applications and has a Masters' degree in Digital Art from the Arts University of "Camberwell College", London. Her devotion in Pixel Art encouraged her to apply this technique in various artistic areas. Fascinated with Pixel Art, she decided to apply this technique in various artistic areas.
Starting with this minimalistic way of expression she moved on to creating a series of digital pieces of art (Video Art, Installations, V.J etc). She was awarded distinctions in Greece and abroad such as in "Film Challenge 06" - onedotzero/Bios, "Medi@terra International Art + Technology Festival Gaming Realities" - Fournos, "DJPA: Colour" - DJPA Partnership, "Platforma Video6 International Film Festival"- Platforma etc.

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